Cog Av Hearing - Research Outputs


Online Prototype Demo

We have now completed and uploaded our multimodal hearing-aid demo, link will be available soon.

Demo/Poster Presentation:

Presented AV-COGHEAR Demo/Poster: Towards context-aware, cognitively-inspired multimodal hearing-aids and assistive technology at at Faculty Research Afternoon, Stirling, 18th April.

On-Going Work:

  • Deep Neural Network-based Enhanced Visually-Derived Wiener Filtering For Speech Enhancement
  • Novel Deep Learning based Lip-Reading Regression Model for Speech Enhancement
  • Deep Convolutional Neural Network based Lip-Reading For Speech Enhancement in Cognitively-Inspired Multi-Modal Hearing-Aid
  • Exploiting Audio Visual Information in Hearing-Aids: A Critical Review including Cognitive, Neurobiological and Behavioural Perspectives, and Future Directions
  • Convolutional Long Short Term Memory based Lip-Reading For Speech Enhancement in Cognitively-Inspired Multi-Modal Hearing-Aid
  • Evaluating hearing-aid algorithms in an audiovisual setting

Visual Barcode Features

We are currently working on the development and application of cognitively inspired visual features, with some preliminary demo videos available. Please check the Visual Features page for more information.

Visual Features

Project Datasets

We will develop and use a number of datasets during the course of this project for development and evaluation. Find out more details at our datasets page.


Presentations and Posters

British Society of Audiology Annual Conference (BSA 2016) - 25-27 April 2016

The conference was attended by project Research Fellow Andrew Abel, and a poster was presented, titled Audiovisual Speech Processing: Exploiting visual features for better noise reduction. A low resolution version of the poster is available for download .

Poster Download Link

China-Scotland Signal and Image Processing Academy Workshop 2016 (SIPRA 2016), 26-26 April 2016

This workshop, hosted at Jiangnan University, Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province, China was attended by project PI Amir Hussain, and an invited talk was given, titled "Towards Multi-modal Cognitive Informatics: Some Case Studies & Future Directions".


Please see our publications page.